The Best Annual Music Festivals In Austin Texas

There is much more going on in the Austin Texas music scene than honky-tonk and two-stepping. 

Euphoria Music Festival

If you are looking for good vibes and a united community, Euphoria is the festival for you. Located in beautiful Carson Creek Ranch, this festival features high-end electronic, jam, and hip hop performances, as well as workshops, yoga, art installations, one-off vendors, and even a voluntary land clearing.


The music portion runs for seven days, and there are official events, meaning you need an SXSW badge or bracelet to attend, as well as unofficial events, which are usually exhibitions and parties hosted by big brands, and many are free. Assist with an RSVP.


Formally known as Austin Psych Fest, Levitation will take a break until 2018 due to cancel the entire 2016 festival in preparation for a major storm (which heartbreakingly never came). This festival is worth waiting for as their team built the independent psych and garage rock festival from scratch through word of mouth to become the destination for international music enthusiasts that it is today. In the meantime, you can get a taste of Levitation's experimental taste at its 2017 SXSW exhibit, with details on its Facebook page.


Hip-hop heads, this is for you. Score more Shows presents JMBLYA in Dallas and Austin every year in May, bringing together the best rap, trap, and R&B artists for an adrenaline-filled day in every city. The 2017 lineup includes Chance the Rapper, Migos, Gucci Mane, and Steve Aoki, plus solid and promising starters. Score more Shows started when a group of university students decided to start offering concerts where they and their friends would feel welcome, and the company quickly gained recognition in multiple markets in Texas as one of the best promotions and reservations agencies.


If you are looking for a relaxed festival, you can invite the whole family to venture into the country for UTOPiAfest. With a capacity of 2,000 people, there is more than enough space to have fun and get as close as possible to the range of performances taking place, from indie rock to electronic rock, and even old school hip hop and soul. There are free walks and yoga to start your day and camp workshops to learn new skills. There is also free camping included in the price of your ticket, and you can go with BYOB, so you will not be pricked for every detail as you do in many large festivals. The immaculate sunrises and sunsets of Hill Country complete this authentic utopian experience every fall.

Day for Night Festival

Art, culture, and good music intersect at this downtown Houston festival. Taking place in an abandoned 1.25 million square foot (139,354.5 square meters) postal facility, it is reminiscent of old-school warehouse praise with larger-than-life art installations for the new school. Find our local sponsors at painters Austin TX. While many festivals have scattered art components, Day for Night really closes the gap by fusing music and art into a relentless experience.

Trans-Pecos + Love Music Festival

While many festivals leave you exhausted after a hectic and party-filled weekend, Trans-Pecos aims to restore your soul with acts of folk music, yoga, and other community-based learning experiences against the backdrop of the West Texas desert. Dates for this year's festival will be released in April, but you can plan for them to fall in September or around September.