Austin’s Best Annual Events Fun Events for Every Season

Many people fall in love with Austin after coming to town for one of the city’s great music festivals. Grand Prix of the Circuit of the Americas Since races take place around the world, you almost have to be rich to be a devoted fanatic. And many of the F1 fans travel to all races, whether in Mexico City or Monaco. Instead of driving onto the track in southeast Austin, many of them travel by helicopter from downtown Austin.

Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally

The city literally roars during the ROT Rally weekend in mid-June. Bicyclists across the country descend at the Travis County Exhibition Center and downtown Austin. The event at the Expo Center is partly an ongoing fair and party. A parade for cyclists also takes place along Avenida del Congreso on the opening night of the rally.

Texas Book Festival

Austin prides itself on signifying a city of readers, so it’s apt that one of the city’s most important festivals is committed to world-renowned books and authors. Organized on the state capitol grounds in late October, the festival stars more than 250 authors and special celebrations for all ages. There are several moments to attend readings and combine and mingle with authors and writing lovers during the weekend.

Austin Food and Wine Festival

The Austin Food and Wine Festival seems to attract high-profile chefs with each passing year. You can attend talks, cooking demonstrations, classes, and tastings hosted by renowned chefs from Austin and across the country. Despite the big guests, the event always honors its Texas roots, with plenty of barbecues and Tex-Mex food available. The eventis located near the center on the shore of Lady Bird Lake. For an additional few dollars, you can also take part in sit-down dinners and wine tastings with famous foodies.

Austin Hot Sauce Festival

A humble hot sauce contest that has become a full-fledged festival over the years, the Austin Hot Sauce Festival is held at Auditorium Shores. Local restaurants and individuals compete in categories such as red sauce, special variety, and people’s choice. In 2018, Posse East (an informal West Campus bar) beat the exclusive Sazon restaurant for the red sauce award. To accompany all spicy foods, there are also plenty of cold drinks available, along with a spicy line of musical acts.

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